Responsible lending

We believe that a commitment to sustainability, both in the mindset and in plans and activities, is the bedrock of the success of the whole society.

Our goal is to increase the consumers’ awareness of the nature of credit products and the risks involved in borrowing. This will help consumers make informed and responsible decisions which are based on a review of different offers and take into account their personal preferences and needs.

We observe all rules, legal and regulatory requirements, and best practice conventions which apply to the provision of credit including the principles of responsible lending. This way we can make sure that the credit we provide meets the customer’s needs.

Building a thriving and sustainable financial sector

Responsible lending, raising awareness of it, and improving general financial education is a cornerstone of our business and our daily priority. In partnership with other leading banks operating in Estonia, we contribute to these causes through the activities of the financial education and communication committee of the Estonian Banking Association.

As a member of FinanceEstonia, we are also actively involved in designing the Estonian financial services environment and developing financial technology.

    Building a thriving and sustainable financial sector